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The home of motion capture collaborates with PROTO, Europe’s largest emerging technology centre

The issue:  When Target3D first spoke to PROTO’s Innovation Manager, Alex Cook, he needed a system that could provide tracking for a variety of uses and industries for the soon to open state-of-the-art centre. PROTO partners with a range of businesses to help them create digital content - via their 188m2 Motion Capture Stage - so an all-rounder in terms of kit was needed.

Located in Baltic Quarter, Gateshead, PROTO is an £8 million-pound research and development (R&D) facility for organisations to test and create digital solutions. The centre, which is also part of Digital Catapult NETV, will encourage and support organisations to adopt new technologies including virtual reality and augmented reality.

The solution: With a 12-camera OptiTrack Prime 17W system, Target3D provided the infrastructure that is at the heart of PROTO’s new emerging technologies centre.

As with all good projects though, not everything went to plan...

Before the order had been finalised, word came that a spec…

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