HRH The Duke of Cambridge trials Target3D Mocap system at the launch of PROTO

It was an absolute honour and great experience for Target3D to showcase Motion Capture to HRH the Duke of Cambridge last Friday at the Launch of PROTO: The Immersive technology Centre.

Robert Jeffries and Petros De Doncker presented a Prime 17W optical tracking system by OptiTrack and showcased it ability to track full human body movement and control an avatar within a Unreal scene in real-time.  In addition Prince William was able to get hands-on with a small VCS (Virtual Camera system) which utilised the easy configuration of the Active Pucks alongside more traditional passive full-body tracking.

Target3D would like to thank all those at PROTO for organising the event and we look forward to installing their permanent OptiTrack system and working further with them in the near future. Special thanks to Alex Cook.