Hardware Omnivorous : Why it's important to be independant

This year, more than ever, our customers face growing technology challenges and pressures.  From maximizing resources with shrinking budgets to keeping up with emerging technologies. The strategy and technology consultants at Target3D stay up-to-date to help our clients tackle these demands.

Here at Target3D we can provide innovative 3D solutions and consulting services to solve a wide range of 3D data acquisition from mocap, 3D scanning through to architectural visualisation and MR. We are not locked into single solutions so we are able to scour the market for the solution that's best fit-for-purpose.

Our in-house engineers represent a broad range of technical disciplines, and are able to consult on a huge range of 3D technologies. Our talented staff work purposefully close to our clients, from initial scope through to delivery, and show their commitment to client success everyday.

To help our clients be ready for what’s next, Target3D through its highly skilled, extensively experience and certified consultants provides staff and teaming partners with access to the latest technologies and solutions from vendors. This ensures we render unbiased recommendations with the utmost independence and objectivity.

Target3D offer a wealth of experience and capabilities to help clients meet mission success, with comprehensive Technology solutions that include:
Data Services: We help clients acquire the data they need to scope and budget.  This includes mocap, 3D scanning, application development and content provisions.
3D Technology Strategy: We provide insight and advice to clients concerning new technology opportunities and how these can be integrated into existing workflows.
Systems Development and Integration: We design and build software and hardware solutions that meet the needs of an project to deliver best-in-class results.
Enterprise Solutions: We help our clients to diagnose and resolve a broad range of enterprise-related issues as well as the complex challenges that face new system implementations.